Workshop 1 Crew

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Feature 1

Marcell Virágh

Home: Budapest, Hungary

Gear: Canon 5D m3, Canon 70-200 F4, Canon 17-40 F4, Canon 50 F1.4, Mavic Pro

Experience: Been shooting in the past 8 years, more seriously past 4


Greatest Strength: "Once I get an idea in my head, I will do anything do create that photo or video."

Improvement Points: Using lightroom, pitch new clients

Inspirations: Rory Kramer, Taylor Cut Film, Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon

Learn by: "Step by step and jumping in head first, differs on the situation and the task"

Struggles: Don’t really know how to approach clients I’d like to work with.


Tom Strojnik

Home: Škofja Loka, Slovenia

Gear: Camera & Lenses: Canon 80D, Tokina 11-20mm f/2.8, Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8, Dji Mavic Pro, Rode Video Mic Pro, Zoom H1N sound recorder, Moza Air Pistol Gimbal or Glidecam HD2000

Experience: "Bought my first dslr in December 2016 and did my first paid gig in April 2017"


Greatest Strength: "When someone is telling me their story I am already visualizing it in my head how would I film it. I am good at helping people clarify what and for who is their message for and helping them spread it using the video and photo content. I also enjoy in run and gun shooting, being creative when nothing is planned ahead. Directing people what to do and getting them comfortable even if they are shy in front of the camera. Before I’ve worked as a fitness coach for 5 years, so I am good with working with people."

Improvement Points: "My mindset, think bigger! How to stand out and be different. How to find my own style in video and photo and separate myself from the crowd. How to position myself in the industry and find my dream clients to work with.
I would love to experience Jacobs whole process for creating his photos. How does he find that unique angles to take photos, camera settings, how to tell better stories with photo, post production to get that colors and mood. His whole workflow. And what does he think separates a good and world class photographer.
How to speed up my editing flow (organization, how does Jeremiah approach shooting and editing bigger projects)
Critique about what do I need to improve in my videos & photos.
How to get the most out of my Mavic, How to scout location and plan shots, How to get the most out of that short battery life, film as many different angles and from Jeremiah’s experiences find out which work the best for which situation."

Video creators:
- Parker Walbeck (because I bought his “Full Time Filmmaker” Course in Jan 2017 and it changed my life)Leonardo Dalessandri
- Leonardo Dalessandri (his "Watchtower of Turkey" is my all time favourite video)
- Matt Komo (really love his style)
- Sam Kolder (i don't want to be cheesy with “Sam Kolder Inspired” but I’ve rewatched his videos so many times)
- Nainoa Langer (his follow your stoke videos ignited my passion for making videos and travel lifestyle)
- Rob Strok (there is just something about his videos, pure quality)
- David Rock (the amount of good content he creates for Garyvee is insane!)

- Denis Cebulec (@deniscebulec my good friend from college who inspired me to start with photography.)
- Michael Gray  (@mikevisuals I love his vibrant colors style)
- Chris Burkard (he inspires me because of the amount of effort he puts into creating that one perfect photo)
- Scott Kelby (I bought his KelbyOne photography courses to study Photoshop)
- Wahyu Mahendra (@iwwm I love his composition and colors)

Other entrepreneurs:
- Jan Demsar (behind the scenes tech & marketing guy for many really successful entrepreneurs. He inspires me because he is one of the happiest person I know and incredibly smart).
- Gary Vaynerchuk (feeling tired, watch Gary to ignite the fire :D )
- Tim Ferris (His books and podcasts are gold)
- Russell Brunson (one of my favourite online marketers)

My fiance:  @ninakosnjek
(She is amazing at critiquing my work, she knows how to act and pose in front of camera, which makes my work so much easier and a lot of times she has great ideas about how to capture or tell a certain story).

Learns By: A bit of everything combined together. I follow the 50/50 rule. 50% of my time I watch tutorials, write notes about it etc. And then I spend 50% of time challenging myself to go out and actually try to do what I’ve just learned.
I also benefit a lot from being critiqued and having a mentor. I have absolutely no problems with someone telling me my work sucks and helping me realize what and why I need to improve (of course being critiqued from someone who I respect because he knows his craft).
I also love having a mentor because I learn fast by watching others. Why is that specific photography/videography technique they use working so good and then I try to do the same in my own way.

Struggles: This year I will transform my career from having occasional gigs into a full time income. I need to clarify who is my ideal client and how to attract them. How should I get more more international gigs, since I love to travel.

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Kevin Bang

Home: Värnamo, Sweden

Gear: A Panasonic GH5, DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro hero 5. There’s a chance that I’ll be switching my GH5 for a Sony though, just maybe.

Experience: Since August 2017.


Greatest Strength: My creativity.

Improvement Points: There’s nothing specific, I just want learn everything and as much as I can. I’ve been self learning and this is the first time I actually can learn from somebody in real life. I want to improve everything and grow as much as possible!

Inspiration: My mother, Taylorcutfilms, Sam Kolder, Rory Kramer, Olav, Matt Komo, Jon Olsson

Learns By: First, Step-by-step instruction, being challenged and then letting me do it practically and getting critiqued so I can learn from my mistakes.

Struggles: I would say that it’s my career and family. It is complicated, and if you want me to go in depth about it, then I’m gladly to tell you about it.

Dallin Lambert

Arizona, USA

Gear: I will be bringing will be the DJI Mavic Pro, Canon 6D, Go Pro Hero 6 and the Karma Grip. 

Experience: I recently started shooting within the past year and have taken Instagram and Content Creation more seriously since September of 2017. Still very new to this. 


Greatest Strength: Creativity would be unique and different style of Photography. 

Improvement Points: I want to improve on most during the workshop is working with companies and creating content for brands. Also starting that initial connection with the brand or company. 

Inspiration: Chris Rogers is a big inspiration as i love his work with the Go Pro. Alex Meliss is super dope as well as Morgan Allen and Sam Kolder. 

Learns By: I learn best by jumping in head first and dealing with trial and error. I would rather take an attempt and fail only to get up and be taught and learn the right way. 

Struggle: The biggest struggle in my career in content creation is working with brands and making that initial connection. I don't know how to reach out to companies and thats why I'm most excited to learn about that.

"I'm going to be flying out my wife the last day of the Workshop and then staying another week in Bali with her. Super stoked to put everything in use and see what type of content I can create. Let me know if there is anything else you guys need from me."

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Barret Turner

Home: Texas, USA

Gear: I will be bringing a GH5 camera with a Mavic drone

Experience: Probably been shooting for a year now

Work: Here is a music video i am working on for a new remix of mine  i just have a few sections to show but i think in time i will be most proud of it.. i also put a little instagram video because i think its cool lol

Greatest Strength: I think I'm pretty good at showing emotion through a video.

Improvement Points: I would like to improve on everything.. pictures, video, branding… here to learn.

Inspiration: I really like sam kolders works “ like everyone else im also a big fan of gibson hazard and rory kramer.. all for different reasons

Learns By: I learn best hands on.. I can learn from youtube all day but if I'm with people asking questions and they can show me right then and there i learn best..

Struggles: I have a issue with finishing my own work.. my main passion is my own work but i do a lot of real-estate videos and video for company that i honestly can’t stand.. its not very interesting to me but it pays haha.. excited for this trip, excited for a change and work with other people that enjoy creating as well

Here is a music video i am working on for a new remix of mine  i just have a few sections to show but i think in time i will be most proud of it.. i also put a little instagram video because i think its cool lol


Jake Richmond

Home: Iverness, UK

Gear: My typical gear that I will be taking with me will be my Camera, Drone (Mavic Pro), Laptop and a couple of lenses!

Experience: I’ve been shooting for about a year and a half now. Came across the interest in photography by accident when I was at a wedding in Marseille and now I can’t get enough of shooting away!

Work: One of my proudest shots came by accident.. Basically there was a very vibey sunset happening outside my house. Wanted the shot to focus on some branches with the sky blurred in the background. As I was shooting I noticed that a streetlight down my road was on and that it really resembled the sun when blurred out. So I managed to line it up with the branches and got a really awesome shot! Here is the link to the photo.

Greatest Strength: I think my greatest strength in content creation is having an eye for certain shots. Many of my shots have been unplanned and can be very spontaneous.

Improvement Points: What I want to improve on while in Bali is how to improve on using my drone for filming as I want to get that smooth cinematic feel to my projects. I also want to learn more on how to film with DSLRs, and again, to make it look cinematic!

Inspiration: The main people who inspire me, whos work makes me go “WOW” are Sam Kolder, Louis Van Baar, Demas Rusli and David Wallace.

Learns By: My way of learning would mainly be step by step as I learned using a camera and Photoshop/Lightroom basically from YouTube tutorials!

Struggles: My main struggle in content creation is sometimes running out of ideas on what to shoot. Another would be that I want to make it as professional looking as possible and sometimes not achieving that. 

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Matthew Van Daele

Home: California, USA

Gear: Cameras: Cannon 1dx mark ii/ GH5s. Lenses 24-70mm L 2.8, 100mm macro L 2.8, 35mm sigma 1.4, Mavic pro, glide cam. 

Experience: I have been shooting pictures since late 2015. I picked up video in 2017 an have been doing both since.

Work: K.MADD.mp4

Greatest Strength: My strongest strength is being able to plan shots out when it comes to projects. But I feel like that holds me back from seeing other things because Im so focused on getting those shots. 

Improvement Points: Editing work flow, how to pitch to clients, how much to charge for a project, how to be more run n gun but still getting the best quality footage, Color grading, How to brand myself, and just become a better content creator as a whole. 

Inspiration: Rory Kramer and Matt Komo for sure, they come out with dope content and I am always looking to get to their level of filming one day. 

Learns By: I would have to say that I learn best from step by step but also Im not afraid of taking on a challenge of being thrown into something new. Being critiqued is just a part of the process

Struggles: I think i can speak for everyone on this one I think my biggest fear is people not liking what you make an not knowing weather your doing the right thing or going the wrong or right  direction for your success. 

Jake Browne

Home: Dublin, Ireland

Gear: What gear should I bring? I’m thinking my a7s2 for the video end of things, an a6500 for photos and my Mavic Pro for the drone sections? I have a DJI Ronin and a host of lenses so maybe the guys would have some advice on how much is overkill or not for the workshop.

Experience: I started making videos 2 years ago this week. 


Greatest Strength: I’m not sure, maybe being able to learn quickly? I have a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering so I’m pretty comfortable with technical things and software. 

Improvement Points: Overall shooting/editing process, random tips and tricks, business acumen relating to the industry and finally to just soak up everything I can from the two guys.  

Inspiration: Casey Neistat would be my go to guy for storytelling and feel. Sam Kolder for visuals and editing. Other inspirations come from music mainly. 

Learns By: I think I learn best when I’m given a quick idea or set of instructions to achieve something and then given course correction during the process. Finally some solutions to where I went wrong after the fact would be useful. Hands on definitely. 

Struggles: I run a small Social Media Marketing & Content Production Agency here in Dublin so technically content it is my career but I do a host of other things on the ‘social’ side like funnels, ad campaigns etc. I would like to charge higher prices for my work. I think I’m lacking in some polish on my work, it’s good but I think it’s missing that last 10/15% that takes it to another level. I think I’m a little naive as to how the industry works and would love to hear how somebody like me with no real following online but a decent skill level can leverage on that. 

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Sebastian Elofsson

Home: Oslo, Norway

Gear: A6500 with some lenses, gopro, mavic, zhiyun gimbal, gorilla pod, monopod maybe for hypers, mic.. Lmk if you have any feedback to drop or bring something more.

Experience: Fulltime/for a living, 1.5 years, played around 100% low level hobby before but I do digital content for a living now days. 


Greatest Strength: Possibility to find creative angles and flexibility when shooting and my dynamic style and flow. 

Improvement Points: Learn more about creative story telling and shoot to edit/advanced workflow. Also some hands on after effect workflow when in need of tuning HST plugin and rotoscoping, not that important just never get it in my head when youtube-ing it. Also some Photoshop tips and how I can pivot my style of shooting and editing. 

Inspirations: Leonardo Dalessandri and Matt Komo (and I have to say Rory as well to be unique)...  

Learns By: As I see myself as not a beginner I would say by someone understand my workflow and then come with small suggestions how I can make it better or up the level, I often help friends with just small tricks and handy "do-thats" I would love to have some one better than me give myself. 

Struggles: I would say communication sometimes, though I'm coming from a long background of sales I sometimes struggle when it comes to balance setting my clients expectations and justify my price because I don't have much knowledge of the worth of my content and it varies so much. I wanna drift over to a more solution provider where the edits are more like a bi-product and the whole package with different formats of the edit and distribution is more of the reason they work with me if that makes sense. I'm sure both and especially Jacob coming from BD could help out here. 

Have a great day and looking so much forward to this, but yeah all and all, I wanna take better more engaging/interesting photos and do more and be better on the "tobk video editing style"  and what I see and mean by that is a good mix of high-pace dynamic videos but also with break-aways with slow documentary style storytelling. 

Will Luna

Home: California, USA

Gear: Canon 5DIII, 24-70mm f4, 50mm, 85mm, 70-300mm, Ronin, DJI Phantom 3 Pro, Sony A7sII, Ziess 24-70mm, 35mm, metabones adapter, 4 Canon batteries, 2 Sony Batteries, Sony Battery Pack, Gopro Hero 5, Gopro Hero 6, 3 Memory Cards, Ipad, Laptops, Debating Bringing Glidecam 

Experience: Ive been working In the motion picture industry since I was 16. Ive always had some type of film camera around me and my first digital was a Canon 7d when I was like 18. I started out as a PA worked my way into a few unions, Local 33 which is a rigging union so I was relighting and breaking down sets before and after concerts. Was at the staples center a ton working on shows, my dad has been in Local80 his whole life which is the GRIP Union so I was in that for a few years but wasn’t my style and didn’t like the people very much that worked those positions.As for shooting, I love photography as its a true passion, more then videography Id say, but videography to me comes so natural and I love creating content with my girlfriend Teila and for any Brands that reach out to me. Ive been working this craft for a solid 5 years now of freelance and loving it but also not always stoked on every job I get shooting random things sometimes.



Greatest strength: I think one of my greatest strengths is my knowledge with cameras and lighting, also I have a super creative mind and eye and love to create and tell a story. Im super outgoing as well and always down to get the shot!

Improvement Points: Id probably have to say my DRIVE, Keeping all bad energy out of my mind most importantly and focusing my attention where it needs to be. Also picking up some marketing knowledge on how to better myself as a photographer, I was homeschooled growing up at a young age because I raced amateur motocross so I never really got a proper education in that realm =]

Inspiration: This question is tuff for me so many people Inspire me on the daily! Im so stoked to work with the boys on this trip! Starting out 5 years ago it began with Casey Neistat.. soon after that was Jon Olson and still is. Him and Benny his videographer kill it together. Another is Rory Kramer as well. Ive followed him since he began his career with the Chainsmokers and love his drive. Sam Kolder is also another big inspiration for me and love the work he puts out. Peter McKinnon is another, My good friend Riley @lifeof_riley is a stuntman by trade and a photographer by craft who kills it as well. Also Probably Chris Rogers because his content is always Badass!

Learns By: Id say a little bit of all those! Step by step instruction is always good for me before a shoot or like on a prep day so everyone is on the same page on the day of the shoot, Jumping in head first is pretty easy for me Im an only child so Im used to doing things myself or first LOL. And I always am up for a challenge!

Struggles: Id say one of my struggles right now is just finding out what I truly love to shoot right now. I work with so many different brands and companies right now shooting things that don’t necessarily make me happy or excited to get up, its just check and a new experience along the way which isn’t the worst thing, but I want to wake up everyday loving what I do because thats the end goal for me. As for what hold me back, I think its just believing in myself and really putting my head down. Im working on getting rid of old friends right now that don’t benefit me and I really want to surround my self with a new group of friends that are like minded and do the same craft and hold me accountable. I just want 100% effort into my own creations and I know when I do that I will be where I need to be!


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Telia Blanchfield

Home: California, USA