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March 28-31, 2019


Community-focused photo and video workshops exploring modern techniques, creative processes and business development in California’s iconic San Francisco and Yosemite. 

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🌉 Day 1

Arrive in San Francisco + Welcome Lunch + Sunset Shoot + 1-on-1 Coaching

⛰️ Day 2

Sunrise shoot + Editing / Lightroom Workshop + Drive to Yosemite + Sunset Shoot + 1-on-1 Coaching

🏞 Day 3

Drone / Photoshop Workshop + Hike and Sunset Shoot + 1-on-1 Coaching

🛫 Day 4

Sunrise shoot + Networking Workshop + Drive Back to San Francisco


Imagine for a minute…


Your alarm rings early on a Thursday morning. You grab your camera bag, order an Uber to the airport, and take off for San Francisco. 

This isn’t going to be an ordinary weekend. 

You arrive in San Francisco, and you’re driven to an AirBnB outside of the city. You meet Jacob Riglin, Jeremiah Davis, and a small group of like-minded content creators. 

After the private chef serves up a homemade lunch, you join everyone in the SUVs to capture the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. When you arrive, Jacob pulls you aside and points out the perfect angle to photograph the light piercing through the fog. When you get back to the AirBnB, Jeremiah guides you through a new video editing workflow to maximize the day’s clips for social media. After dinner, you take a seat in the living room with your new network and start swapping stories. Finally someone speaks your language. 

Over the next three days you capture the iconic views from Twin Peaks and Trojan Point. You shoot Yosemite Valley, hike Vernal Falls, catch the Mist Trail at sunset, and photograph the cliffs at Taft point and the panorama at Glacier Point. By the time you fly home, your hard drives are stacked with incredible content, your mind is full of professional insights, and your network includes twelve new best friends from around the globe. 

Your alarm rings early on a Monday morning. You can’t help but smile. You’re more motivated and equipped than ever to turn your passion into your career.

This isn’t going to be an ordinary life. 





What’s Included


Jacob Riglin and Jeremiah Davis have teamed up to create a Workshop specifically designed to fast track content creator development.

Here's what's included:

  • All transportation upon arrival

  • All local adventures and trips

  • Shared room accommodation

  • Private van transportation

  • All meals from private chef

  • One-on-one photo and video instruction from Jacob & Jeremiah

  • Content review sessions

  • Supportive network of like-minded content creators

The only thing you're on your own for is airfare and travel insurance, in case you want to arrive early or extend your stay to capture more content.

Jacob and Jeremiah understand how difficult it can be to find your place in the world of content creation. They’ve navigated the pitfalls and carved out successful careers for themselves. Now they’re ready to help you do the same with this workshop.

Whether your style is travel, portraits, music, brands, or drones–they’ve got you covered with both Photo and Video expertise.


Free Resources

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Jacob Riglin


Jacob Riglin picked up his first camera at 18 years old and followed his prodigious eye after every sunrise and sunset since that day.

Jacob quickly gained the attention of the travel tastemakers at Beautiful Destinations, and began leading content creation at the agency at only 20 years old. He shot massive campaigns for internationally recognized brands and worked with a team of talented creators to help build BD to where it stands today. With a deft mastery of Photoshop and Lightroom, Jacob has built a massive following and is now striking out on his own to live in Bali and create social-first content for some of the world's leading lifestyle and travel brands.

Get to know Jacob, and work with him at the California Workshop.


Jeremiah Davis


Concert, Travel, Brand, and Lifestyle videographer Jeremiah Davis has made waves in a variety of industries by sprinting into new roles with an eye for pop culture and a camera around his neck.

At only 24, he’s already starred in his own Snapchat Original show, filled up two passports touring the world with dance music’s top artists, directed commercial work for billion-dollar brands, and built an avid social media following.

Get to know Jeremiah and work with him at the California Workshop.




“I was thinking of buying new gear for about the same budget. Then I had a thought, “Ok, should I buy this camera and lens, or should I go with Jacob and Jeremiah?” And there was no question, I had to go on the workshop”
- Marcell Viragh, Bali Workshop

Lots of love and respect for Jacob and Jeremiah. They made me realize that anybody can do what they do, as long as we work hard, really hustle, and believe in ourselves.
- Kevin Bang, Bali Workshop

I learned so many valuable things but I think one thing that really grabbed my attention was when Jeremiah edited that Instagram video in only 15 minutes. I knew a lot of the tricks he was using but I never applied them. I felt it opened my mind creatively.
- Barret Turner, Bali Workshop

"When you’re starting out on your own journey everything seems a bit mysterious and magical. But to come here and stand beside these guys and see what they do, day in and day out, provided me with great clarity on the steps to take on my journey.”
- Jake Browne, Bali Workshop



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