Bali Workshop 3.0

The Crew

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Megan Armstrong

Home: Missouri, USA

Gear: Sony A6300, GoPro, Polaroid, Olympus SuperZoom Infinity 330 with Gusto35 Red Admiral film.

Experience: Well, this is embarrassing, but I'm just starting. I have been primarily a writer my entire life. But for the last three years, I've felt drawn deep down to photography and exploring visual storytelling as a complement. To make me a more complete storyteller. I'm a documenter at heart — always have been. I was that kid in the friend group that brought a camera everywhere. I'd look forward to our weekend plans because it meant new opportunities to take new pictures and more stories to tell. 

Work: Well, this is going to sound like I'm just saying this because Jeremiah will see this email, but being the first person to write down his story for Thrillist over a year and a half ago meant a lot to me — specifically when he told me that his mother was so thankful that she now had that part of his life all documented. I'm also proud to have been part of curating this exclusive Chainsmokers photo gallery for Billboard: 

I'm most proud of work that the people I'm documenting are proud of. More recently, I've been working on cover stories for a magazine in London called tmrw — I can't link you to it because it is content exclusive to print, but I have grown a lot as a creative being involved in putting together that print product and developing deeper narratives. Another thing I will link you to is this:

Obviously, it has nothing to do with photography or videography. But the conversation is something I'm very proud of. For Raleigh to have been so comfortable with me to open up the way he did, and for him to be pleased with the end result that he wants to continue working together in the future outside of Billboard. He and I are batting around ideas that could involve photo/video, and nurturing these relationships with the human beings behind the music is a priority for me. 

Greatest Strength: Humanizing. Making empathy palpable through narrative. When talking about photo/video, I'd say that translates into making people, places, things feel relatable and capturing emotion and intricacies.

Improvement Points: As I said, I'm a beginner visually. So, I simply want to come away better. A more well-rounded individual. Having more knowledge of the fundamentals behind a camera so that I can create my own style of capturing moments from there. I'm looking most forward to all of the new friends and creative allies I will have. I am not expecting for this workshop to instantly change my life. It is up to me to change my own life. But I am optimistic that I will learn tools to help me in doing so over time. 

Inspirations: So many, but these are the people coming to mind as I sit here to answer this. You, Reese! Joe Termini, who once told me he creates all day every day because he doesn't know how else to get through the days — he needs it to process the world, which I relate to. Where I falter is turning that feeling into corresponding consistent production/output. Katie Nolan because of how she built her career: working full-time as a bartender and then coming home late at night to make her own videos for years. Raven Varona because she is one of few women accompanying artists on tour. My aunt and uncle: they are both 60 and have never stopped pushing themselves to learn new things. They travel together as much as possible, they read and consume as much art to expand themselves as people. My uncle decided to start taking art classes earlier this year for the first time in his life and is already making really cool ceramics. Doing art just for the sake of doing art and nothing more.

Learns by: I learn best by being told what to do (step-by-step), doing it as best as I can, and then being critiqued so that I can learn how to do it better at the most basic level. So, in other words, step-by-step at first, and then being challenged/critiqued once I have the very basics down.

Struggles: Both intimidation and perfectionism. I compare myself too often on Instagram to people who have been doing this for YEARS! And so, that paralyzes me because I am a perfectionist when what I should be doing is just starting and seeing what builds from there. I do believe that signing up for this trip is a huge step for me in that direction. Technically, my career is in content creation as a writer. But not in the way I truly want or in the way that totally feels most authentic to me/my sensibilities. 



Victoria Tennisco

Gear: I currently don't have much gear at the moment, but I am planning of buying more within the next few months. However, as for right now all I currently have is a camera. 

Experience: I have done a few classes in school over the past few years for photography. As well, I am planning on potentially starting school again, at some point, in a program for Photography, and Video Production. 

Work: She didn’t send any.

Greatest Strength: My strength in content creation, would be finalizing and making sure the product is edited and put together to the way I want it. 

Improvement Points: I would like to improve on process organization, and putting ideas together to make sense.

Inspirations: One of a few people who inspires me is Rory Kramer. 

Learns By: I learn best with step by step instruction, and repetition. It help for me to visually learn something and when I can write things down so its easier for me to memorize and retain the information.

Struggles: Some struggles I have with making content are, finding inspiration and figuring out how to piece together an idea, and organize my ideas so can create my idea. Another struggle is figuring out how to start my career in content creation to make money.


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Hannah Cohen

Home: Toronto, Canada

Gear: Nikon D3100 camera, Lens is a Nikon 18-200mm. tripod, external flash, and my phone which is the Huawei Mate 20 pro with Leica lenses. I am looking to maybe purchase some new equipment but have not as of yet.

Experience: I have been shooting on and off since I was a child. Got my first camera when i was a young teen, and shot film for many years until the digital camera age came about. I am only, just in the last 6 months, really making photography my focus and spending my time wandering around cities with my camera. I am hoping to make a career out of it but am only just beginning.


Greatest Strength: I would say my strength in content creation would be trying to capture things in a different way than people may see them. Also I love light, shadows, sunsets and sunrises. no matter where i am i try to see as many sunsets as i can.

Improvement Points: I hope to learn as much as possible in all areas from you. I do want to learn how to capture photos that are going to be useful for content creation but also appealing and how to put myself out there to gain exposure and really just get my foot in the door of the world of photography and content creation.

Inspirations: My biggest inspiration for photography has always been my father. He shoots recreationally but has my whole life and has always encouraged my creativity in every way possible. Also last year in January (2018) I went on a trip to California to drive down the coast, and when i was in Santa Barbara met up with a bunch of folks on an instagram meet-up organized by Brighton Galvan (@brightong on instagram) and a bunch of his friends in Santa Barbara. I had never done a group shoot like that and was inspired by others and the insight provided to me was exceptionally valuable and by seeing what and how they shoot was very inspiring.

Learns By: As for how i learn best, I would say hands-on is better. Im a very visual and tactile learner.

Struggles: As for struggles, i would say just getting my self out there is my biggest struggle, as I am just beginning to do so.


Chris Nilsson

Gear: Not sure about it, my gear is quite old so might borrow some from Volvo. Camera, lenses, drone – mainly for photo.

Experience: Shot mainly during my student years. The past few years I’ve been overlooking social media content productions with freelancers and agencies, as well as influencer collaborations for Volvo, and it gotten me interested to become better and improve my own skills. For me it’s both about improving my own skills as well as finding up’n’coming content creators to work with in the future.

Work: Yet to come, have a hard time getting fully satisfied with content I create.

Greatest Strength: Finding a story

Improvement Points: Finding a consistent style, editing

Inspirations: @martinsolveig

Learns By: Just jumping in head first. Doing things, test and learn, getting motivated and good pointers on how to improve.

Struggles: For me it’s more about doing more of what I think is fun and build up a competence and confidence to produce more myself as well.


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Connor Hamilton

Gear: Panasonic GH5, GoPro Fusion, GoPro 5, Zhiyun Crane Gimbal v2, DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

Experience: 2 years off and on


Greatest Strength: 360 content at the moment. Nothing stands out in particular but looking to improve on all areas.

Improvement Points: Ability to see the vision through from concept to completion. Also organization of content and equipment etc so the framework is consistently there on each project and not all over the place. Right now I'm dropping work into timelines and seeing where it ends up and I want to have more of vision for my projects.

Inspirations: Chris Yoder

Learns By: Step by step and seeing it first hand. Looking forward to seeing videos being edited on the fly and watching the concept come together to have a storyline. 

Struggles: I've struggled on my own pulling all the elements of story, shooting, editing, into one cohesive unit. I know a little of everything but haven't mastered them all. Also not working with other creators at the moment so sometimes struggle finding direction on my own.

IG: @kablevideo



Benjamin Halilovic

Gear: Panasonic GH5 (Lenses: 12-35mm f2.8 | 25mm f1.4 | 7.5mm f2.0), GoPro 6 Black & 4 Silver, Mavic Pro 2, Moza Air Stabilizer

Experience: Four years now.

Work: I'm gonna have to link two. The reason being is 'cause they're so different. The first one is personally my favorite piece of work because of the entire process and meaning behind it, but the second one I guess you can say reflects my current editing skills.

Greatest Strength: The straight forward answer is video, but the more detailed answer would have to be just being able to trust my gut and listen to my heArt. It's risky business but it's almost always the right decision for me.

Improvement Points: I need to learn how to make the damn money! I've done 4 years of free work and I truly believe it's time to start charging. So yea pitching and marketing I guess.

Inspirations: Casey Neistat, Jay Alvarrez, ODESZA, Flume, Jon Olsson, Sam Kolder, Aaron Brimhall, Louis Cole, Andreas Hem, Jack Morris and many more!

Learns By: Lighting fire under my ass just about does the trick haha. In all seriousness tho' I work best under pressure (which I don't like admitting) but yea throw me in the fire, let me DO stuff and I definitely will...aaand I really really appreciate honesty, realness and good constructive criticism!.. but only if needed though, cause sometimes people tend to be on the contrary only cause they think they won't justify your reason of asking them otherwise.

Struggles: Honestly, I'd like to know the answer to this question myself. So in a nutshell, I've studied architecture for like 6 years and in my final year I just quit and started pursuing film and photos. I've been doing that for about four years now and I'm just done with doing stuff for free. I need to know how to market and sell my services. My sister always tells me that I'm my own biggest critic and to be honest with you I really do feel like I finally have something to offer. I can genuinely say that I haven't had one unsatisfied client yet, cause I put my heart and soul into every project. I guess the answer to this question is that I usually undersell myself.

Lol my dad usually tells me it's as if you're afraid to earn money haha x) Like I do all the hard work and then the moment I'm supposed to actually receive the money I somehow don't. All in all, I wanna learn the business side!

Contracts, reaching out to brands, templates etc.



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